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Rd 171 De 2004 Pdf Free


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Rd 171 De 2004 Pdf Free


.. Retrieved 2015-08-06. Yuzhmash Engine manufacturer. Radovsky Manufacturer Yuzhmash Application Upper stage Status Operational Liquid-fuel engine Propellant LOX / RG-1 Cycle Staged combustion cycle (rocket) Performance Thrust (vac.) Standard: 834kN (187,000lbf) Uprated: 912kN (205,000lbf) Thrust-to-weight ratio Standard: 700175550000000000075.55[note 1] Uprated: 700182660000000000082.66[note 2] Chamber pressure Standard: 162.8bar (16.28MPa) Uprated: 178.1bar (17.81MPa) Isp (vac.) 350s (3.4km/s) Burn time 315 seconds Dimensions Length 3.87m (12.7ft) Diameter 1.95m (6.4ft) Dry weight 1,125kg (2,480lb) Used in Zenit-2, Zenit-3SL References References [1][2][3] . Firms that contract or subcontract out to others work or services pertaining to their own rightful activity and carried out in their own work centres shall watch out for compliance by said contractors and subcontractors with occupational risks prevention legislation. This is to be done by accreditation of the firms specific preventive organisation and, in employment quality terms, by establishing minimum conditions of labour stability. 6331 of 3 October 2005).


Su objetivo es unificar criterios y requisitos en materia de prevencin de riesgos laborales en centros de trabajo nacionales, para la coordinacin de actividades empresariales entre empresas principales, contratistas y subcontratistas de obras y servicios. Retrieved 2015-06-20. Coordinacin de Actividades Empresariales Autor: URL original: Resumen: Trata de explicar mediante unos ejemplos/casos como llevar a acabo la coordinacin deactividades empresariales en empresas del sector del cemento. Table 3: Different Cases of the Concurrence on the Same Site of Workers from Different Firms Cases Obligations None of the concurrent companies is tenure holder of the work centre Reciprocal information on the specific activities to be carried out in the centre Immediate communication of any emergency situation Risk assessment and preventive planning has to take into account the above Each employer will be bound to inform its own workers of the risks posed by the concurrence of different workers One of the concurrent companies is tenure holder of the work centre a) Of the tenure-holding employer Inform the other employers of the risks intrinsic to the work centre and of the preventive and emergency measures to be adopted Give instructions to the rest of the concurrent employers for prevention of existing risks and measures to be taken in the event of an emergency b) Of the non-tenure-holding employers Take into account the risk assessment and preventive planning furnished by the tenure holder Observe the instructions of the tenure-holding employer Pass on to its own workers the information and instructions received from the tenure-holding employer Contractors or subcontractors of work or services Besides complying with the measures laid down for the above cases, the main employer shall also abide by the following specific obligations: Watch out in all cases for compliance with prevention legislation by contracted or subcontracted firms carrying out work or services that form part of the main employers rightful activity and are carried out in its work centre Require from contractor and subcontractor firms prior proof in writing of having carried out risk assessment and planning of its preventive activity for the contracted work and services, as well as proof of having met its information and training obligations Check that concurrent firms in its work centre, contractors and subcontractors, have also made the necessary coordination arrangements between them In all construction work the contractor is bound to keep a Subcontracting Book reflecting all practical arrangements made for this work SUBCONTRACTING IN THE CONSTRUCTION SECTOR Subcontracting in the construction sector, given its enormous importance, is dealt with in its own right, but also as part of the last case of business concurrence as described above. Facilitate public access to its information by any person or entity. Technological Derivatives[edit]. ^ a b c d "The Policy Origins of the X-33. RD-120 Technological Derivatives Name RD-120 RD-120 (augmented thrust) RD-191 YF-100 RD-801 RD-810 SCE-200 AKA 11D123 11D123 11D123M? Country of Origin Soviet Union Russia/Ukraine Russia China Ukraine Ukraine India Designer NPO Energomash NPO Energomash/Yuzhnoye NPO Energomash AALPT Yuzhnoye ISRO Development years 1976 - 1985 2001 - 2003 1999-2011 2000-2015 2005- 2005- 2005- Engine Type Oxidizer Rich Stage Combustion upper stage liquid rocket engine Propellant RG-1/LOX (O/F 2.6) Kerosene/LOX (O/F 2.6) RG-1/LOX (O/F 2.65) Isrosene/LOX (O/F 2.65) Chamber Pressure 16.28MPa (2,361psi) 17.81MPa (2,583psi) 25.75MPa (3,735psi) 18MPa (2,600psi) 18MPa (2,600psi) 18MPa (2,600psi) 18MPa (2,600psi) Thrust (Vac) 833.6kN (187,400lbf) 912kN (205,000lbf) 2,090kN (470,000lbf) 1,340kN (300,000lbf) 1,340kN (300,000lbf) 2,105kN (473,000lbf) 2,030kN (460,000lbf) Thrust (SL) N/A N/A 1,920kN (430,000lbf) 1,200kN (270,000lbf) 1,198kN (269,000lbf) 1,876kN (422,000lbf) 1,820kN (410,000lbf) Isp (Vac) 350s (3.4km/s) 350s (3.4km/s) 337.5s (3.310km/s) 335s (3.29km/s) 336s (3.30km/s) 335.5s (3.290km/s) 335s (3.29km/s) Isp (SL) N/A N/A 311.2s (3.052km/s) 300s (2.9km/s) 300.7s (2.949km/s) 299s (2.93km/s) 299s (2.93km/s) Throttle 70%-110% 70%-110% 27105% 650% N/A N/A 655% Nozzle Expansion 114.5 114.5 37 35 N/A N/A N/A Burn time 290 seconds 290 seconds 325 155 seconds 200 seconds N/A N/A Length 3,872mm (152.4in) 3,872mm (152.4in) 3,780mm (149in) N/A N/A N/A N/A Diameter 1,954mm (76.9in) 1,954mm (76.9in) 2,100mm (83in) 1,338mm (52.7in) N/A N/A N/A Weight 1,125kg (2,480lb) 1,125kg (2,480lb) 2,200kg (4,900lb) N/A 1,630kg (3,590lb) 2,800kg (6,200lb) 2,700kg (6,000lb) Used on Zenit-2 Second Stage Zenit-3SL Second Stage Angara LM-5, LM-6 and LM-7 Mayak Mayak ULV First Launch 1985-04-13 1999-03-28 2014-07-09 2015-09-20 N/A N/A N/A Status Retired In Production In Production In Production Project Project In Development References [1][2][3][4][5] .


(2) BOE 27 of 31 January 2004; correction of errata in BOE 60 of 10 March 2004, whose publication, in general, was due to merely formal defects. To this end RD 171/2004 was based on criteria previously agreed by the social stakeholders, particularly as recorded in the Agreement of the Panel of Social Dialogue on Occupational Risk Prevention (Acuerdo de la Mesa de Dilogo Social sobre Prevencin de Riesgos Laborales) dated 30 December 2002. NPO Energia RD-120 page Yuzhmash RD-120 page . Tambin, este tipo de incidentes, traen a mi cabeza algunos otros recuerdos, con importantes consecuencias en trabajadores, sociedad y el medioambiente. Table 7: Content of the Subcontracting Book Subcontracting arrangements made Level of subcontracting and firm Object of the contract Person empowered to organise and run each subcontractor and, where applicable, the legal representatives of the workers Handover date for the part of the health and safety plan that affects each subcontractor company and self-employed worker Recorded instructions of the health and safety coordinator Date of approval of the exceptional subcontracting arrangement by the architectural supervision team, duly signed by same 3. In exchange for them tackling the difficult development of the cryogenic propellant engine, Energomash assumed the responsibility of developing the second stage engine of the 11D77, which would eventually be known as the RD-120.[6] The fact that the RD-120 and the RD-0120 had this intertwined conception, within the same program, and with a swap of designer bureaus, does not help to avoid the confusion. Te indica tambin los primeros pasos a seguir para registrarte y poder utilizarla ( 29-Titulo: Gua prctica para la coordinacin de actividades empresariales Autor: Confederaci dssociacions empresarials de Balears (CAEB) Gabinete Tcnico dePrevencin de Riegos Laborales URL original: (es un archive RAR) Resumen: Descripcin de los diferentes supuestos de coordinacin empresarial (varias empresasconcurrentes sin ninguna que ejerza como titular, varias empresas concurrentes y una empresa titular, una empresa principal u una o varias empresas contratistas y subcontratistas y obras de construccin ) y formatos-tipo para poder llevarlo a cabo. Furthermore, both the information and the instructions have to be given in writing whenever the work centre risks are classed as grave or very grave. 9-Titulo: Coordinacin de actividades empresariales Autor: MAZ Servicio de Prevencin URL original: Resumen: Procedimiento de coordinacin empresarial adquirido por la Feria de Muestras de Zaragoza.Esta orientando a empresas de distinta actividad e incluye formatos para la recogida de datos entre las empresas y permisos de trabajo para algunas tareas (altura, espacios confinados) 10-Titulo: BOE 027 de 31/01/2004 Sec 1 pag 4160 a 4165 Autor: Boletn Oficial del Estado URL original: Resumen: Desarrollo del RD 171/2004 11-Titulo: 26.caso16.


WikiLeaks. Table 1: Legislation Real Decreto 1627/1997 of 24 October Minimum health and safety provisions in construction work Real Decreto 171/2004 of 30 January Develops article 24 of the LPRL in terms of the coordination of business activities Ley 32/2006 of 18 October Regulating subcontracting in the construction sector Real Decreto 1109/2007 of 24 August Develops Ley 32/2006 of 18 October The first real direct legislation on cooperation and coordination within ORP came with Real Decreto 171/2004 and Ley 32/2006 First of all we will look at the legal aspects involved in occupational risks prevention when dealing with the coordination of business activities in a general sense, including construction as part thereof, before homing in on the particular problems posed by subcontracting in the complex world of construction, in terms of conformity thereof with the safety postulates vis--vis these risks. NPO Energomash. v t e Russian and former Soviet military designation sequences for radar, missile and rocket systems Radar systems Land-based A-100 P-3 P-8 P-10 P-12 P-14 P-15 P-18 P-19 P-20 P-30 P-35 P-37 P-40 P-70 P-80 P-100 Kabina 66 Kasta 2E RSN-225 Azov SNR-75 SA-6 30N6 36D6 64N6 76N6 96L6E 9S15 9S19 9S32 Duga Dnestr Dnepr Daryal Dunay Volga Don 2N Voronezh Container Ship-borne Airborne N001 N002 N005 N006 N007 N008 N010 N011 N012 N014 N019 N025 N035 N036 Missiles ICBM GR-1 R-7 R-9 R-16 R-26 R-36 R-36M R-46 RS-24 RS-26 RSS-40 RT-2 RT-2PM RT-2PM2 RT-20 RT-21 RT-23 RS-28 UR-100 UR-100MR UR-100N UR-200 IRBM R-14 RSD-10 MRBM R-5 R-12 RT-15 RT-25 SRBM 9K720 R-1 R-2 R-11 R-11A R-17 OTR-21 OTR-23 TR-1 SLBM R-13 R-15 R-21 R-27 R-29 R-39 RSM-45 RSM-56 Surface-to-surface (cruise) Surface-to-surface (naval) P-1 P-5 P-15 P-70 P-120 P-270 P-500 P-700 P-750 P-800 P-900 P-900A P-1000 RKV-500A RPK-2 RPK-6 RPK-7 URPK-3 URPK-4 URPK-5 Air-to-surface KSR-5 KS-1 K-10S Kh-11 Kh-15 Kh-20 Kh-22 Kh-23 Kh-25 Kh-25MP Kh-26 Kh-28 Kh-29 Kh-31 Kh-35 Kh-41 Kh-55 Kh-58 Kh-59 Kh-59M Kh-80 Kh-90 9M114V Air-to-air R-3 R-4 R-8 R-23 R-27 R-33 R-37 R-40 R-60 R-73 R-77 R-172 Anti-tank 9M15 Unguided rockets Air-launched RP-1 RP-5 RP-6 RP-9 RP-15 RP-21 RS-82 RS-132 Surface-launched BM-21 BM-27 BM-30 TOS-1 Engines RD-8 RD-9 R-11 R-13 R-15 R-25 R-29 RD-33 RD-45 RD-58 RD-107 RD-117 RD-0120 RD-124 RD-146 RD-170 RD-180 RD-191 RD-500 . Chemistry geared towards the twenty first century Voltage Control Home > Articles > Coordination of the Preventive Duty Download as PDFPrint Coordination of the Preventive DutyLEGISLATION In recent years regulations on occupational risks prevention (ORP) have come thick and fast, laying down the guidelines to follow in this field. ^ a b c d e f g h "RD-120". RD-801 and RD-810[edit]. As an exception, however (not extendible, except in the case of force majeure, to the last case mentioned nor the case of subcontracting by a self-employed worker), when dealing with particular, one-off circumstances that can be duly accounted for (specifically, the requirement of highly specialised work, production complications of a technical type or specific circumstances of force majeure incumbent on the agents participating in the work), and the architectural supervision team deems it necessary to contract part of the work out to third parties, the final subcontracting chain may be extended to an additional level, providing this be duly approved by the architectural supervision team and this approval be recorded together with the grounds for this extra subcontracting in the Subcontracting Book. 4 de LPRL Autor: UGT Andalucia URL original: Resumen: Descripcin detallada de los aspectos mencionados en RD 171/2004 23-Titulo: Coordinacin de actividades empresariales: informacin y documentacin aportados por contratas, subcontratas o trabajadores autnomos. 2006-12-05. 6704223018

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